Beta Dyne

8 Trade Show Booth Ideas to Attract Visitors and Customers

Trade shows are exciting, energy-filled events that also happen to be very competitive. Take the time to create a space that will capture the attention of the attendees while getting your company’s message and product across. Here are some tips that will guide you as well as inspire you. 1. This is the time to be bold with your brand. The booth should not only be eye-catching but use this opportunity to express the tone of your company. A trade show’s purpose is to introduce your company to new clients. Make it a smooth transition from their first impression of the company to their experience interacting with the company as a client. The word “Free”, either implied or stated, will always invite further exploration by the passerby. Food always works as a giveaway, as does hand out promotional products. Lightweight tote bags with your brand work great. The potential client is carrying your brand up and down the aisles even when the client is collecting other companies’ giveaways.  Free raffles for quality products will help you gather information the company can use to follow up after the show. Make sure you ask for the information you want on the entry form. Remember to record the information on the tickets after each raffle. Announce the winners over the loudspeaker for additional exposure. Have an open flow to the booth. People will not have a good impression if they cannot enter the booth easily or get bottlenecked while in the booth. How the booth is set up implies how the company is run. You want to ensure the potential client has a positive, flowing experience when visiting your space.  Let’s face it, gimmicks work to attract attention. Autograph and photoshoot with local celebrities, animal acts, karaoke performances, magic acts are all ideas that help you stand out in a crowd. The point is to come up with something unique that will attract a crowd. Bonus tip – make it fun. Offer a discount to new customers or a limited-time trade show deal for items or services. Most companies are looking for repeat customers, so this is the perfect hook to draw them in. Be sure to reward existing customers also. They need thanks for their continued loyalty.  As a booth attendant, you can become a walking billboard for your company brand. Wearing clothing with your company’s name and large name tags touting your company logo will help to drive the point home with potential clients. Occasionally strolling the aisles gives you a booth break while advertising your company. Be sure to plan it out well ahead of time to ensure a great and profitable trade show.