Beta Dyne

6 Tips to Save Your Phone from Water Damage

Just because you drop a phone on the water does not mean all hope is lost. There are several things that you can do to potentially restore your device.  First, a preventative measure that you can take if you are at a lake, beach, or water park is to put your phone in a sandwich bag. This will protect your phone from the water. If you want to be extra cautious, consider putting dry rice in the bag. If water does enter, the rice will absorb it, reducing the risk of your phone getting wet.  Next, on to the tips.  Pull Your Phone Out As Quickly As Possible The longer that your phone lays in the water the higher the risk is that it will be damaged. Water will begin to travel through small crevices in your phone, impacting the battery and other important components.  Turn Off Your Phone And Remove All Cards It can be tempting to turn on your phone to see if it still works after water damage. However, you should always turn off your phone it is has been impacted by water. From there, you are going to want to remove both the microSD card and SIM card. Additionally, we recommend that you attempt to remove the phone battery.  Store Your Phone Safely A crucial aspect of fixing your phone after water damage is maintaining a protective environment for your device. This comes from storing your phone in a dry area protected from excessive heat.  Dry Out Your Phone We recommend putting your phone in a plastic bag with rice or silica gel packets to remove excess water. Obviously, phones do not react well with water so eliminating moisture in the tight areas will increase the chances of your phone working.  Power Your Phone On  Once you have followed the previous tips, you are ready to try your luck. Attempt to power on your phone and determine whether or not it is in a working state. If not, try to charge your phone.  Consult An Expert If you aren’t comfortable with any of these steps, or your phone is not starting you can always consult an expert. They will examine your phone and determine whether it is salvageable.  What Not To Do There are some things that you should never do when your phone has water damage. These include: Do not constantly fidget with the phone. Do not leave your phone in the sun. Don’t try to turn your phone on immediately. Hopefully, this list has been helpful, use these tips if your phone has water damage.